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Castaway created for the Big 500 Show in Portland, OR USA  2017

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 “Renewal”  January 2017


 Here is my latest piece; “ Renewal” 17”x 24” This is a combination of an acrylic on canvas painting sewn into a quilted wall hanging. It is hand machine quilted, meaning no computor fabrication was involved. I have spent many months learning to draw with a sewing machine, it is very challengeing work, reminiscent of contour drawing. I also used fabric paint on the skull detail.

March Updates—New Painting in Progress...


This latest painting, “Journey to Oblivion” Northern White Rhino…one of 4 left wild in the world!

Work in Progress


Work in progress on my painting The Last Diety


back ground work on the painting  The Last Diety

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Portait sketch 

Painting in Progress.                                                                July 2012

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